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Innovative data helping Africa to improve primary healthcare delivery

According to the World Health Organisation, primary healthcare involves allowing people at communities at the low level to understand health challenges that are difficult to achieving health-related Sustainable Development Goals.


Application of innovative data is also helping four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in order to improve primary healthcare delivery.


Tanzania Food and Drug Authority reached level 3 of WHO Benchmarking Programme

To strengthen their regulatory functions, Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) and the Zanzibar Food and Drug Agency (ZFDA) benchmarking  was done in May by a team of Technical officers from WHO HQ and Country Offices and experts from some countries in Africa and Europe as The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a important role in supporting countries in strengthening their necessary systems and promoting fair access to quality, safe, efficacious, and affordable medical products and health products.


Nisan Group of Africa committed to development of Africa

Nissan Group of Africa Director of Sales and Operations, Jim Dando stated that "We are committed to Africa, decentralising our operations and appointing automotive business leaders of this character to head up these regions".

Nissan Group of Africa recently moved the continent into three different regions: Central, East and West Africa, in accordance with the global automotive


ICT sector to attract more foreign investment- East Africa

Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has plans to integrate the Information Communication Technology (ICT)sector so that it can attract more Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into the region.

The director general of Communication Authority of Kenya (CA), Mr. Francis Wangusi, told media in Nairobi that "the six partner states that is including Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda have small fragmented markets that have limited appeal to foreign investors and this six partner states have already developed draft policies which will be domesticated by each country."


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