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Uber Sees Opportunity for Minibus Service in Nairobi

Uber Technologies may roll out a new service in Kenya to help user’s book seats on minibuses that ply the streets of the congested capital, if tests on the product in Egypt and Mexico prove successful, a company executive said on Wednesday.

Uber estimates that more than a third of Kenyans in Nairobi use the often crowded minibuses, known as matatus, as their main form of transport around the city, Uber’s East Africa General Manager Loic Amado told Reuters.


“Dar to be a Medical Tourism Hub in EA”, This is envisioned to be a centre of excellence in the region

It has been announced that Dar at Tanzania is about to become a Medical tourism Hub; The hub of high-tech cardiovascular treatment which will include a special wing for children in East Africa.

This will happen through the extension of the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI) at Mloganzila.


UAE & Uganda Signs Agreement to Start Agricultural Free Trade Zone

Uganda will host a 35 member delegation from the United Arab Emirates as part of efforts to actualize plans to establish one of the first agricultural free zone in the world.

The free zone, which is expected to occupy 2,500 hectares will attract investment from companies, especially from UAE in agricultural processing and packaging for export.


Kenya has set aside $10 million to help local start-ups in the mobile telephone software and hardware segments to grow

Joe Mucheru, the ICT minister, told the annual meeting of the ICT industry in the capital Nairobi that he was concerned by the country’s imports of 50 million telephone handsets every two years, challenging local firms to start making them locally.

Why can’t we leverage on the skills available locally to manufacture these handsets that are suitable for our markets?” he asked.

Kenya has 45.5 million mobile phone subscribers.  A range of imported mobile devices from companies like Apple and Huawei are more preferred by the Kenya subscribers.


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