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320 new robots to enhance Volkswagen SA production

The estimated R4.5 billion investment announced last year has been allocated to the upgrade and refurbishment of production facilities and quality (R3 billion), development of local supplier capacity (R1.5 billion) as well as development and training of employees (R29 million).


Marriott International to invest in new hotels in South Africa

Marriott International has announced that it will invest in new hotels in South Africa at a cost of US$ 220m. The American multinational diversified hospitality company says it will develop 3 hotels in South Africa.


Rwanda to construct Model Villages in rural communities

The government will pursue a plan to set aside planned settlement sites in different parts of the country and invest in building ‘model villages’ there as part of the latest efforts to modernise rural settlements, officials at the Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) have said.


Construction of Sierra Leone’s Mamamah Airport to start December

The construction of a long awaited Leone’s Mamamah Airport is now set to kick off in December Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo has said.

Speaking during his country‘s 67th Independence celebration at the Embassy last week Zhao said that the current good working relationship with the county will continue despite the fact that he is going out now.


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