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Kenya's Xago Africa to Undertake $500 million Solar Project in Zambia

A renewable energy company based in Nairobi has entered into a top - dollar contract in Zambia to build a 300-megawatt solar power plant, becoming the latest energy company with Kenyan roots to branch out and bag lucrative cross - border deals.


Recycled plastic bottles in South Africa

Unilever South Africa has come up with bottles made from 100% recycled plastic as well as being fully recyclable in its Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid product line as it seeks to reduce its environment footprint.


China Is South Africa’s Most Important Trade Partner

South Africa is countries where Chinese companies do not rely on ultra low-cost labour supplies, so its relationship with Chinese investors is different, says South Africa's trade and industry minister Rob Davies.


World Health Organisation honoured three Kenyans as among the best 30 health innovators in Africa

World Health Organisation (WHO) named three Kenyans as among the best 30 health innovators in Africa after their apps appeared top in a global challenge.


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